How to Hard Reset Cisco Router – List

Here you can know how to factory reset any Cisco router for free. You don’t need any tools to reset with these methods.

You cannot update any security settings unless you know the username and password and access the router’s configuration utility. If you didn’t remember the router’s username and password or your login credentials stop working, you must reset your router.

You must need basic knowledge about computer and browser to reset Cisco router with Web-based configuration utility. You can easily reset and reboot with this utility, don’t need to download any software or tool for this method. All routers have this Reset button. Reset delete all internet or and wireless settings on your device (IP addresses, DNS details, WiFi password, etc).

Rebooting the router and resetting the router are two different approaches. The reboot is a simple process and should be tried before you reset. If the rebooting router does not fix the problem, Resetting the router is still available.


Factory resetting the router will erase all changes you made to the router. Internet/Wireless Settings will need to be reconfigured.



All Cisco Routers

  1. 870-Series
  2. CVR100W
  3. DDR2200
  4. DDR2201v1
  5. DPC2320
  6. DPC3825
  7. DPC3828D
  8. DPC3828S
  9. DPC3848
  10. DPC3848V
  11. DPC3848VM
  12. DPC3925
  13. DPC3939 XFINITY
  14. DPC3941B
  15. DPC3941T XFINITY
  16. DPQ3925
  17. EA2700
  18. ECP3940ADL
  19. EPC2425
  20. EPC3825
  21. EPC3828D
  22. EPC3925
  23. EPC3928AD
  24. EPC3928S
  25. EPC3940AD
  26. Linksys E4200 Smart Wi-Fi
  27. Linksys-E1000
  28. Linksys-E1200
  29. Linksys-E1550
  30. Linksys-E2000
  31. Linksys-E2500
  32. Linksys-E3000
  33. Linksys-E4200
  34. Linksys-E900
  35. Linksys-EA2700
  36. Linksys-EA3500
  37. Linksys-EA4500
  38. Linksys-X2000
  39. M10
  40. M20
  41. RV-120W
  42. RV042G
  43. RV110W
  44. RV130
  45. RV180
  46. RV180W
  47. RV320
  48. RV325
  49. RVS4000
  50. WRVS4400Nv2
  51. X3000



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