Reset VIVO Y53 Android Mobile

You can easily Hard Reset VIVO Y53 android mobile here. You can also unlock VIVO Y53 phone when you forgot the password.


Reset deletes all your mobile data like photos, apps, and contacts etc. Make sure to backup all your data before the reset.



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Hard Reset

  • Power off your VIVO Y53, by holding the power button.
  • Hold down the Volume Down + Power Button.
  • After that, Release both Buttons when you see Fastboot mode appears.

  • Afterwards, choose Recovery Option, using volume buttons and press Power Button.
  • Next, You will see Vivo Recovery mode appears on your mobile screen.
  • Now select wipe data Option, using Volume buttons and press Power Button.

  • Again choose “Wipe data” two times and wait for a short while.

  • Next Select OK Option by using Power Button.
  • In the step, Choose Back option and press the Power Button
  • Finally, select Reboot System option.

  • Reset completed on your mobile.



Factory Reset

  • Power on your VIVO Y53, by holding the power button.
  • First, open the settings menu
  • After that, Select More settings option.

  • Next, Choose option Backup and Reset.

  • Afterwards, Select Erase all data option.

  • Next, Select option Erase everything.

  • Finally, Choose Reset phone option.

  • Reset completed on your mobile.



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Questions & Answers

Q. What is recovery mode?
A. Recovery Mode is an independent, lightweight runtime environment that is included on a separate partition from the main Android(Any other OS like Windows and Mac etc) operating system on all Android devices. You can boot directly into recovery mode on your device and use it to factory reset(Hard Reset) your device, delete the cache partition, or apply software updates.

Q. What do I lose if I reset my VIVO Y53 phone? What should I backup before factory reset android?
A. You may lose Apps, Media files and All device Settings etc. You must back up Important media files, and contacts etc.



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