Siswoo Mobile Hard Reset – List

Find your mobile below to Reset or Unlock. And you can also find a common reset and unlock methods here.


All Siswoo Mobiles List

  1. Siswoo A4 Chocolate
  2. Siswoo A5 Chocolate
  3. Siswoo C5 Blade
  4. Siswoo C50 Longbow
  5. Siswoo C55 Longbow
  6. Siswoo C8 Patrol
  7. Siswoo i7 Cooper
  8. Siswoo R2 Phantom
  9. Siswoo R8 Monster
  10. Siswoo R9 Darkmoon


Hard Reset

  • Turn off your Siswoo Mobile, by holding the power button.
  • Hold down the Volume Up + Power Button [Volume Down + Power Button].
  • Release all buttons when you seeĀ Boot Mode appears on your screen.
  • Then choose Recovery option, by using to navigate Volume Buttons and to confirm Power Button.
  • Next, You will see Android exclamation mark.

Hard Reset method - Android exclamation mark

  • While holding down the Power button press and release Volume Up Button.
  • Then Select wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power button.

Hard Reset - Wipe data/factory Reset option

  • Afterward, use the Volume Buttons to select option YES and press Power button to confirm.

Hard Reset - Wipe all user data - Confirm Yes

  • Finally Select reboot system now option.

Hard Reset - Reboot system now option

  • Hard Reset completed on your mobile.



Factory Reset

  • Power on your Siswoo mobile, by holding the power button.
  • First open settings menu.
  • Next, Find and Select Backup and Reset option.

Mobile Factory Reset - Back up and Reset option

  • Afterward, Select Factory data reset option.

Mobile Factory Reset - Factory data Reset option

  • Next, Select option Reset device or Reset Phone.

Mobile Factory Reset - Reset Phone option

  • Finally, Choose to option Erase everything.

Mobile Factory Reset - Erase everything option

  • Factory Reset completed on your mobile.



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